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In the air again

Its Monday… Im still on the route towards home from spending an amazing few days with my Sistas at Fitcation12. It was such an awesome trip to take. I am thrilled that I took the chance to go and do this. I took so much away from this trip, much more than just the information we learned while we were there. I learned that I can leave my kids and they will be back and alive when I come home. Well atleast they were this time! I learned that I can do things that are way out of my comfort zone, I would have never thought I would do half the things I did this weekend. But I know this was a life changing experience that as I comb through it all new things will begin to unfold. Because I am so not even beginning to process what all I learned yet, I have a day or 2 before I can even begin. Seriously I have been go go go and my Sunday was such a long day, Wednesday Hunter will go to Middle School Meet and Greet night, His Ma will take him because David and I are taking Charlie to go see Big Time Rush in Concert. It was so nice to be able to put faces with names and to be able to physically hold and do other things with these crazy women. I know I’ll see these girls again soon, With all of our awesomeness combined we can only be contained together once a year.

Today we will find out the Finalists for Mamavation Mom. Then next week we will start a brand new campaign! Its always a great time to meet the new girls who want to be the next group of moms.
A huge thing I learned it I can fit into the airplane seat and buckle in without an extension. Its tight but it clicks! I can kick box with the Orginal Bookieoo Badass herself and her wonderful husband Mark and FINISH a class! I can travel alone. I am THE baby whisperer!
Well Its been a long 6 days and I’ve still got time before my next flight. My brain is no longer working, its still somewhere swimming in the Pacific Ocean maybe hanging out with the Snake Man, but either way my brain is all loopy from lack of sleep. So til we meet again!

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A New Outlook…

WoW I really have to get back into blogging more. I’ve just been burnt out lately and feeling like Im just treading water and not getting anywhere in life. I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking and processing things that are going on in my life. I’ve talked alot and probably driven a great friend of mine crazy with all my mindless babbling I’ve done the past few weeks but thats okay because I know she loves me!

Its been about 13 weeks since I graduated from being a Mamavation Mom and unfortunately I have allowed myself to slip back into most of my old habits and let life consume me. I have gained quite a bit of weight back but not all of it thankfully. The worst part is I feel like I’ve let everyone down. Because I know all the tools and what I should do but I haven’t put me first and kept doing them. I am formulating a plan to begin to start to put me first. Because as a wise woman told me Mothers are the gateway for the family. The Moms are the role model.

I let the house fall to pieces, nothing is where it should be and I know that a CHAOTIC house leads to a CHAOTIC Brain and that leads to a CHAOTIC life. So I am spending the next week or so trying to get the house organized and in order so that we can get back on track. Especially since the boys are about to begin their spring intercession. (3 weeks home including a birthday and easter).

The boys have been well they have been boys. They are growing and developing like crazy. H is going to be a teenager so we are beginning puberty (fun times for mommy). Not to mention we are transitioning to MIDDLE SCHOOL. Can we say EEEEEK. C is well he’s a typical preteen, Drama city which is a new ordeal for me because H didn’t have any of that. They both have joined the ERYM (Eno River Young Marines). Which is an amazing organization. They will be recruits for 12 more weeks. Then they should graduate from basic training. They are very excited and have really enjoyed it. Both of their grades are doing great they are really working hard in school and I am so proud of them both.

J on the other hand has really been giving us a run for our money. Autism is flying high around here. He’s getting so strong that it’s getting harder to manage him. The behaviors are starting to spill over into school. Sometimes its hard to remember that it’s not by his choice that he does some of it. We have a new appointment in May to see what they can do. I fear we are about to have to try Meds but I am hoping we can try another route.

Paleo Diet is the route I want to try. I’ve been reading a blog the past few days. They are releasing a book called Eat like a Dinosaur (which come out on Tuesday). They have seen major health issues be resolved with going on this life style change. I know that a fellow Sista Pamela (her blog) did the Paleo 30 day Challenge. I am really hoping that this can help us get back on track and maybe even resolve some other issues that are going on in our lives.

How do you keep yourself active, when you really don’t feel like working out ?

I will say that I have 2 things that really help. I’ll turn on the music and just start dancing. Helps tremendously. But also having my fitfriend checking in on me helps alot. If you are accountable to someone you are twice as likely to get moving. Doing the 2 week challenges *the new challenge starts on the 19th*. are great for a good jump-start and group.

“This post is sponsored by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway”

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