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Anxiety Strikes….

I have been thinking more and more about Anxiety here lately. We have a lot of types of anxiety around Carter Acres.


Anxiety noun, uneasiness of mind, concern about future events

Anxious adjective, worried, concerned, nervous

These two words go hand in hand. We almost always have so much going on around here that my Anxiety feels like its almost always on a level 7 Im like Code Orange all the time. My mind goes in a million different directions.

I tend to blame Autism for most of my Anxiety and honestly thought that this post was going to focus on how much they go together. But after some consideration and thought I do believe I would be anxious about the same things regardless maybe not as much but still the same.

I will say that medication doesn’t fix the issue. You have to learn coping skills. For a lot of us medication will help to a degree but then you have to think about the long term effects of it to your body. Do they outweigh the effects that Anxiety has on you?


I have seen my son grow so much in his generalized anxiety disorder and how he has learned to cope and deal with the different things that make him anxious. There for the longest time I thought we would never be able to leave the house. But as he has aged and learned different things he is learning how to step out of his comfort zone and face the things that make him anxious.

But with our faith we have decided to try and be a lot less anxious.  Because we can’t control what happens in the future.

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