Mamavation Monday

So its Monday again well almost monday lol… technically its Sunday. But either way its a fresh new week. To be quite honest last week is a major blur for me. I know I worked out some then a certain person who gave me 125 burpees which incidentally killed me. I popped my hip out of join and fell so I was out of commission for the majority of the week. This week was a rough week with Jakers. I think one of his meds is turning him EVIL more aggressive. I am use to aggressive sides from him. When he was younger he would throw things at my head to communicate but a sippy cup verses a wooden bat is where we are at now. The older boys have been hanging out alot next door at Ma and Pa’s house because its quieter safer and just alot easier for them. Monday morning the younger 2 are back to school. Which is extremely stressful for me. Cman Im not too worried about because he is getting an awesome teacher and he is very flexible and can work with most situations he is in. Jakers on the other hand has a new teacher and when I last spoke with her on Thursday she had yet to even open up Jakers IEP. So I am majorly stressing on how this year is going to start out. Not to mention that he has to have a complete eval by October because its A) time for his 3 year re eval and B) he’s turning 8 and can no longer be labeled as DD.

I am happy to announce that I’ve LOST 5lbs since I haven’t stepped on the scale in 2 weeks. The scale and I weren’t seeing eye to eye so I’ve been focusing on my nutrition more than my scale. I’ve gotten really interested in the GMO’s and joining in with Leah promoting getting companies to label all the GMO’s. If you don’t know about GMO’s I recommend you go here and read all about it. http://www.mamavation.com/2012/07/labeling-gmos-join-the-evangelist-team-for-prop-37.html It really hits home with me having special needs children and really working on eating clean and knowing what I am putting in my body and my families body.

Goals for this week:

  •  Menu Plan and Grocery Shop Happy to Announce I actually got this done already
  • Jakers to the Autism Dr.
  • atleast 64oz H2O daily
  • Staying Dry til Fitcation *yes its a goal*
  • Packing lunches for the boys 4 of 5 days
  • Working Out

Well that about sums it up for today and the bed is calling my name shhhh… don’t you hear it??

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Mamavation Monday

Another week down…. this is the start of our LAST WEEK of SUMMER!!!! Well for the younger two boys it is. We’ve had my parents for the last 2 weeks which is always fun. But it will be great to get back to our regular schedule. This past weekend I’ve gotten to have private time just Jakers and myself (my parents for a few days) but it was great to have that time to reconnect with him on another level. The other 2 were in for a special treat they got to go to Tnn and have a Special MENS weekend with his Dad and Pa. They went up to the Tennesse house and they were able to spend HOURS in the lake swimming and fishing and lots of fun.

There are pros and cons to being semi alone in the house I either A: mindless eat or B: forget to eat at all. So this week I am really trying to be mindful about my eating. It also doesn’t help that its been 100+ and I don’t really feel hungry then. So I am trying to make sure I get atleast my 3 meals in and make sure they are good filling meals. We are still working on eating as clean as possible. We are gluten Free for the most part I am 100% and David and the boys are more GF than eating Gluten its just easier that way. We are slowly taking things away and adding more and more real and fresh. We tried going Paleo but learned that it was too much too quickly with the boys so we are slowly introducing and removing items from their diet.

I really think it good for me to have these few days without David around because it gives me time to have me time and refocus and remember that I can do things on my own. Which is something I need to remember from time to time. But I also have to learn that its okay to step back and not handle EVERYTHING. Which Im taking a HUGE step by going to Fitcation12. It will be my first trip to the west coast and my first trip without the boys. Tickets are bought transportation arranged now just waiting for August to get here!!!!!

Goals for this week

  • Make sure I am drinking atleast 100oz of Water
  • Meet my Calorie Intake
  • work out 6 of 7 days minimum
  • Enjoy quality time with my Jakers
  • Menu Plan for next week including back to school lunches
  • Prepare for the 2 young boys to head back to school

Well that pretty much sums up my week… Until the next one 🙂

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A is for Autism

A is for Autism. It’s a word that is used a lot in the world. Some people believe its real some don’t. Some think it’s just the new “LABEL” like back a few years ago it was ADHD. Now I’m not saying that there isn’t some of that going on in the world but more often than not AUTISM is real. There is no look there is no blood test there is no cookie cutter situation that will describe what Autism is and how its going to work. The one thing I can not stress to you the most is if you’ve met a child with autism than guess what you’ve met a child with autism. EVERY single one of them is different. It weird because the symbol for Autism is a puzzle piece but really it should be a snowflake because they each autistic individual is different.

I have been blessed with 3 wonderful sons… Yup even though everyday I might not see it I know I am. But just looking at them in a picture you can’t tell which one is “special needs” they all look like happy lil gremlins at the Lazy 5 Ranch. But what you don’t see in this picture is that we took 3 adults you can see my sister-in-law, that cute little harness that Jakers is wearing is also tied to the railing so that he can’t jump over or climb or dive. But you also can’t hear the giggles from him when the animals come up to eat out of his bucket. You also don’t hear my eldest explaining EVERY SINGLE DETAIL about EVERY SINGLE ANIMAL that we come across. You can’t feel my anxiety before loading onto this horse-drawn wagon that too many people might get on, what am I gonna do if he has a meltdown halfway through this, because at this stage we were still NONVERBAL.. What if this happens or that. I’m telling you its crazy but what made it worth it all was the fact that it was an amazing trip with my boys. We made it and he learned and experienced new things and I know that I can do things. This was the end of same said trip, when he decided he was done.

Everyday I wake up and I don’t know what the day will bring, It could be a great day where things run smoothly then again it could be one of those off days where he needs to spend more time in “his world” than ours and that’s fine. Its hard never knowing whats gonna happen and the fear of whats to come. I can say I don’t have many real life friends we also don’t have many families that we can hang out with because most can’t understand what its like to have a special needs child. Im learning that it is okay and to be quite honest most of the time we prefer it just being us. I love the innocence that my youngest son has and the joy he can find in the simplest things and that he loves with his whole heart. Yes my son is Autistic and NO I don’t want to cure him I don’t want to fix him. He is who he is. My only wish for him is that he is happy and successful in his life in whatever he chooses to do. I love my SON I might not always love the autism but either way I love him and he is who he is….


Til we see what the letter B shall brings…..

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Mamavation Virtual 5k and me

Well I have done it… I have officially completed a 5K. I did it with my Dad and my Mother in Law and my middle son C man joined in with me. We headed out early 7am to get it done because its been 105+ but I did it.

My parents have arrived and their trip is almost done. They leave next Sunday. We will have a busy week this week being the 4th of July and having to do the last of the visits for them before its time for them to head back across the pond. Hopefully next year we can make the trip across their to visit. I would love to go back over. I have been able to reconnect with very good friends and my sister with the help of FaceBook.


We are about to start our Back To School Routine!!!!!! Im excited and nervous because this school year will bring major changes for us. 2 seperate school schedules and the introduction to MIDDLE SCHOOL… So I think we will be seeing a whole new set of children with the changes that we will be going on in the household.

Jakers is still very much Jakers. We are still figuring out the meds and sleep schedule. We head back to the dr in 2 weeks. He’s been going to sleep great but waking up EARLY like 3:30am EEEEEEEEK but I adjusted time on his meds so we shall see how this works.

I am very excited about http://www.fitcation.com coming up its going to be so very awesome and we have wonderful sponsors.

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So I had a post half way written… then I highlighted it and deleted it, because ugh it just wasn’t what I wanted to say or needed to but it did spring an idea that I am planning to do. My brain is soo CHAOTIC right now. I am going 100 miles per hour and not really getting anywhere. I’ve also decided that Im not going to focus on my scale for a little while. The numbers are really messing with my brain and I know the scale doesn’t define me. I am gonna work on my workouts because its the small changes that will add to big ones.

School is out for summer…. and now we go back to 2 different schedules. The big H will be in Middle School so he is back on traditional calendar. The 2 lil monsters are still in year round schedule. This should be interesting…. H has 2 camps this summer well technically 3 but one is only for like 2 days and its a middle school 101 type camp. But we are striving to keep reading levels up this summer and for J I am hoping to bring his levels up a few while he is out. My parents arrive next friday and will be with us on and off for 3 weeks. My Lexi and her boyfriend are also coming. I can’t wait for them to get here its always a blast with my Lexi.

J has had yet another med change. We have decided to work on one area at a time. Sleep is first we figured out he was EXTREMELY sleep deprived *well DUH* but we have decided its best to get him sleeping and see what he’s like after he’s slept. Well I think I prefer sleep deprived Jakers to be quite honest. Autism and ADHD and well Jakers have been on OVER DRIVE since he’s started sleeping the night. Which makes this Mommy VERY Sleep deprived… Because well lets face it my biggest fear is that something will happen while I am asleep. We’ve also been working on Jakers and Logan and different skills they might use in school together.

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Strong Enough

This is a lesson my youngest son teaches me on a daily basis. It can be something completely simple or something most wouldn’t even grasp. For example we had Homecoming at church this morning so we decided we’d brave the crowd and go. Jakers didn’t sleep well last night so I was unsure how the service would go. Well we got there a few minutes late and didn’t get to sit in our usual seats. We typically hold down the back pew. You know easy exit. Well as soon as the signing is done J informs me he’s tired *signed sleepy we ASL in church since we have no volume control* so he climbs up and falls asleep I wake him up for Children Sermon then he falls back asleep. I held and rocked him all during service. Then comes the challenge of getting to the fellowship hall I carried him all the way down the stairs and around the back of the church to skip the line found a table and went back to rocking he slept the whole lunch. Carried him to the car and then into the house and he continued to sleep. Well if any of you have been around you know that my son doesn’t sleep and if he does I try to then as well if I can. But that moment taught me something…

I am strong enough! I don’t have much of a choice do I? I am strong enough and I can conquer anything I set my mind too!

I am really trying to put this in all avenues in my life. I have really been in a workout slump. I am not inspired or motivated. I really miss that part of working out so Im looking into other styles of workouts so that I can regain that inspiration. Which is going to be very crucial right now because summer is about to begin here. Half way through our summer the 2 of the boys head back while the other one will be home. So it will be a new adventure for us.

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Happy Mothers Day!!

Well I think we should start things up with Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful types of Mothers out there…

I’ll begin with I’ve lost another 1.2lbs… Which now is 42lbs til my goal…. I know Leah hates the small numbers but right now I am working on one goal… and the little numbers will add up the bigger number I’ve lost quite a bit of weight this year with Mamavation and unfortunately gained alot of it back because I let life get the best of me. So to get be back on track (which is 42lbs I’ll be at my Mamavation Last Weigh in Weight) I am focusing on the little goals. I am sure this week I would have lost a little more weight but as I think I’ve told everyone in a 100mi radius that Joshua is home, and we had us a good ol’ southern country pig pickin’ last night…

It was the most amazing feeling seeing the car pull up and him step out a Marine! He called me on the way home and when his caller ID popped up, I couldn’t help but get all teary eyed and yeah I know you shouldn’t talk on your cell phone and drive but there is no way in hell I would have missed that call. So I’ve been like amazingly on cloud nine since then, we hung out he showed us all his stuff and OMG…. No offense to any of the branches in the military but OMFG Nothing looks better than a Marine in his Dress Blues. The boys were equally excited to have big brother back and have been hanging on his every word. I am so excited he’s got leave for a little while and fingers crossed he will be able to attend the boys Young Marine Graduation. He’s excited to torture train the boys in some PT. Yesterday morning he came by and wanted to play on the computer and it just felt so great to have all 4 boys in the house and talking and Im trying to savor every second because now he’s married to the Marine Corps and we know that at any moment he can receive a call and well I refuse to talk about that right now

Jakers had a developmental neuro appointment on thursday…. Well we ended up deciding to try out a small dosage of meds for a month and I will tailor his dosage a bit to figure out if this combo works for him he gets anywhere from a half or a pill to the max of 2 pills a day. We aren’t sure what dosage will work for him and even if this is the right meds so of course right now I am in Mommy Nurse Mode looking for any side effects and because the boys are so sensitive to meds I just never know what might happen.

C~Man Well lets just say he might be the middle child but boy does he ever figure out a way to claim him some attention. We are at the stage of battling with him because he doesn’t want to apply himself in school and he’s got the EOGs coming up this week. Its his first ever and really thinks its going to be a joke. He’s enjoying Young Marines and being outside I hate having to take activities away from him when his school work is suffering but right now not being able to ride a bike or play basketball seems to work a great deal to get his brain refocused!

Hunt is well he’s himself and has a path carved out. He is stressed to the max for his 5th grade EOGs, but excited that he has a really cool field trip coming up they are taking the AmTrak train up to Charlotte for the day. He also has his graduation and he’s excited for Middle School. He surprised us all decided to join the band. He is LOVING his Young Marine training.

As for me… I’ve been getting my workouts in and keeping an eye on my food and nutrition. I’ve been doing some extra yard work and what not with my in-laws around the property. I know that if I don’t workout Im just cheating myself, I also know that I can turn any activity into a little more of a workout. I can do squats and lunges etc and if I chose not to do them then I am only cheating myself and wont get the results that I deserve.

Well and with it being May 13th then we have to say Happy Birthday to Robert Pattinson (Yummy) and of course have a little bit of Eye Candy of him… You know it is also his special day too….

Goals for the week…..

  • Workout twice a day 6 days this week
  • Keeping up my Water Intake
  • Menu plan for the rest of the month
  • Try out a new recipe
  • Family Game night at least 1 night
  • Dance Party 1 night

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Down 2lbs this week 43 left for my GOAL!!!!!

I honestly figured that was the best way to begin this post because I have no clue what I am going to write about this week. Im sure it will mention the kids, the husband, autism you know the generals but I couldn’t think of a good title.

Right now its just like blah blah blah…. Ooooo now I remember… So last night we went to our hang out it was fun. Well it was also Kentucky Derby night so we watch the race and we bet. Its a dollar a horse and after everyone gets a horse you can buy extras kids are included. *yeah i know don’t teach your kids to gamble blah blah* But then you draw your horse out of the crown royal bag. I had #19 “I’ll Have Another” and guess what baby… He won!!!! I totally did the happy dance shake your booty while I collected my whole $20 which just incase you were wondering went straight into my Fitcation12 fund!

Speaking of Fitcation12 I am soooo excited, well I think excited is an understatment. These girls I will be hanging with and even the ones that can’t make it aren’t just girls I talk to online. These are family members! It is going to be so amazing to have this time face to face with them. Stinky Sweaty to all dressed up.. It will be awesome.

On a serious note.. If we could have some prayers I would greatly appreciate it. Jakers is getting to be way too much to handle. Im talkin’ red all week at school except for days he is absent, not focusing, getting aggressive, not listening, not sleeping and lets just say Autism is running rampant in our lives right now and I am quickly loosing it. We have been waiting months to get in to see the Neuro and finally he goes in Thursday. I have exhausted all the avenues I know with him and now going to resort trying meds.

Joshua is coming home!!!!!!! FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY Did I mention he’s coming home on FRIDAY??? It has been almost 13 LONG weeks since I hugged him last and fought back my tears. He made me promise not to let him see me cry. He worked so hard and its always been his dream to be a marine. This week he is finishing up his training. Im sad that I am not going to his graduation but his parents are. I will be staying home to set up the home coming party and its gonna be so freaking amazing!!!!! I know when he steps out of that car my baby isn’t gonna be a MAN but he’s going to be my MARINE! I am so proud of him and he is a great big brother and role model for my boys!

I managed to work out 5 days this week… I am about to do my 6th workout today. I am also going to start doing 2 a day workouts. My goal this week are the same

  • 6 day a week workouts
  • 2 times a day
  • Eat my exchanges
  • Take atleast 15minutes a day for me

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New Campaign….

Its been another week… I think it flew by fast this week, which means we are one week closer to summer time baby! This summer will be new for us because we will have 1 boy staying home longer because he is transitioning to Middle School and to a traditional calender so this is going to be extremely interesting. We have lots planned for this summer, they will go to some day camps, and we plan to do lots of camping we have access to a place a the lake with our little hang out group until November so I am totally freakin excited about spending lots of time there. My parents will come over for about a month. My Lexi will be coming down for a few days and the most awesomest part is going to Cali for Fitcation12 and meeting up and hanging out with some amazing family and friends!


Well I haven’t stepped on a scale yet or did my measurements but I will do that on Sunday for two reasons.. One because I haven’t done it in awhile because I really didn’t want to see the number, because I know I haven’t been doing all I should/could do, especially with being sick. But we have the awesome #2weekchallenge starting MONDAY!!!!! If you need a jump start or you are up for a challenge you should totally join in, its totally free and totally awesome… So far 671 pounds and 516 inches have been lost through 7 campaigns. Freakin’ AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Speaking about Mamavation We have a new Campaign starting up Monday… Have you taken a minute to go Vote??? http://www.mamavation.com/2012/04/meet-the-mamavation-finalists-vote-now.html these moms have totally been busting some major Bootay with their hazing and would love for you to take a second out of your busy schedule and cast a vote! Voting stays open til 10pm on Monday Night!!!!

This week I will be pulling single parent duty for the week, I don’t mind too much I do have my mother in law if I need something major which is a great back up. So today I sat down and made a menu for the week, and then went to the store because I do my best not to go to the store while David is gone mainly because I know its alot easier to get stuff I shouldn’t and hey then I wouldn’t have to share that bag of oreos, so we went today even stopped at subway and split a sub for lunch.


Goals for this week….

  • Make Sure Im hitting atleast 100 oz of water EVERYDAY
  • 10k steps EVERYDAY
  • Stick to my meal plan
  • Get a few good nights worth of sleep which could be a bit hard with David being gone.
  • Get in all 6 of my 2 week challenge workouts in
  • Do PT with the boys atleast 3 times

Well Until next week…..


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Spring has sprung…

Spring is here which means lots of things to do here at Carter Acres… Gardens to get ready,lots of grass to cut, deer to deal with and them darn rascally rabbits! Which means we spend alot of time outside which is good for me bc if I’m outside and busy I’m not ginna think about snacking nor am I going to have the kitchen calling my name.

This week has been pretty good except started out with Jakers not feeling good and ended with Char not feeling to great. Still working on decluttering the house, we seriously have so much stuff in this house and the way the house is built there is no inside storage, and I think the boys are beginning to transition from needing a playroom full of toys to needing less toys in there because despite my begging and pleading with them they are growing up 😦

The diet area is going slow we tried to just jump into paleo but that kinda bit me in the ass. I’m learning not to try and force things on the boys and David and letting them come to this on their own (yes I know Leah is like “duh, no shit sherlock I’ve been telling you this for forever”). When we cut soda he went to koolaid then last week he was like look I think we should cut the koolaid the kids and I are really getting so much sugar. I was like Hello Duh! In my mind so I am happy to report they are off koolaid and sugary drinks.

Workouts are going I’ve been doing hazing with the mamavation applicants and doing my Tae Bo video and I am going to attempt to start training for my mamavation 5k at the end of June 🙂 which is awesome that we are having the 5k because I could use some new shoes which ties in awesomely to our giveaway this week… I am very excited to see all the finalists tonight!!!!

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