insanityRight now this really quote is SCREAMING at me.

For the longest time I have been struggling daily to get by. I feel like we as a family are treading water which is keeping us alive and we are surviving but just barely. Its not the life I want for us its not the life we deserve. But unless one of us steps out of our comfort zone and changes things up we are going to end up going completely insane. (Im sure some argue we already are)

Spring has arrived. Well kinda sorta I mean we are out for spring break but geez its really cold outside today. BTW I am so over winter. But we have a chance now with everything changing up to finally make some changes in our daily lives. But now it means I need to actually do it an not just talk about it.

This will be the first FULL summer we have meaning no one will be starting school up in July. We will all be back on a traditional calendar. It will be a first for us in many years we also will be at 2 schools verses 3. We have lots of areas that need to be addressed. But I know that we need to go into this with baby steps or we will just crash and burn.

Areas to Work on

  • Schedule for each kid
  • Menu Planning
  • Chore Planning/Daily Jobs
  • Spiritually
  • Family Time

I am sure some of these areas will lead into other areas. I know its lots of work to do but it will be for the best benefit of the family.

Also for a Logan update:


He has had his CCL surgery and is currently working on his recovery and healing down in SC at DFA and will hopefully be coming home to finish his recovery after his next post op appointment as long as his healing is on target and is cleared to come back until his next appointment. He still has a long road ahead of him in his recovery and we are still working on our fundraising to pay for his surgery. Is our fundraising page….


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One thought on “Insanity

  1. Your portrayal of your house like a zoo resonates so clearly with me. I am a widowed mom of 2, one of the boys was diagnosed with autism last year. It is crazy here trying to keep up with their schedules, my school, their schools, IEP meetings, and the like. Much love from me to you as I know your difficult road!


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