Mamavation Monday

NSV: I did it I Cowgirl’d up and got my ears pierced on Thursday Night!!!!!

Okay so it’s the weekend again. WoW this week was a blur. The 2 younger boys started back to school. I am happy to report that Jakers had 5 happy face days in a row. Which earned the boys a trip to the LEGO store. The boys love that place. Legos are huge for Jakers right now. But with all the new changes going on I have found that I MUST get my house organized and decluttered because I don’t have time to do any of the things I want to do because its a battle. I want to have the time to devote the attention to our food choices and not throw something together last minute because we ran out of time. I want to be able to spend my time making memories with my family and not constantly trying to catch up and put off the memories for another day. I also think it would be so much better on everyone in the house to have Calmness and a routine verses Chaos and who knows. Im clearing out the “office” and turning it into Jakers room. So that he can have his own area which I can create the environment that he needs. I am also thinking of clearing out the play room and seperating the boys into their own rooms. But before any of this can be done I have to get the house organized and decluttered. I know that the boys and I both crave this and so its my job to make it happen. I am also creating a spot in the bedroom that I can keep all my workout stuff at so that I can dedicate the time it deserves. I want to be able to spend time working out not putting it off because I need to clean up. But you know what! Im not getting anything done sitting here writing this blog post! So I need to put some actions to my words!

Goals for the Week:

100oz Water Daily

Work Out 5 times minimum

Spends 20min on Me time

Get Routines and Schedules Made

30min atleast with each boy

I am going to discuss with David this evening and will update my Post with our Menu Plan for the week. I am also going to implement family fitness more into our daily schedule. The boys have their ERYM *Eno River Young Marines* PT test this Thursday night. They have to do PT tests a few times per year so it will give us a good baseline and goals for them to work towards. They are almost done with Boot Camp. They need to complete this PT, and their test of knowledge history, ranks, etc and do an encampment in August *sniff I’ll miss it bc I’ll be in CA with you fine peoples* but I wouldn’t be with them either way bc no parents are allowed.

Blogging Carnival

This week our guest is Judith Belmont and our topic is about Abuse and Weight loss. I know that this one will hit close to home and will stir up alot of skeletons in my closet but I am a firm believer that you need to stir them up on occasions because if you don’t you will never be able to over come them and battle them.

“This post is sponsored by GoVida Foods and hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway.”

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11 thoughts on “Mamavation Monday

  1. bookieboo

    If you declutter, you are gonna make me look bad!!!! And then I’ll have to actually organize my office before Fitcation. Btw, yeah Jakers!

  2. bookieboo

    Don’t declutter cause u are gonna make me look bad! Now I have to clean my office.

  3. I completely agree! Getting your household in order I think is #1 in making a ‘happy life’ because your not constantly always playing catch up. I know that when I get everything in order I am a lot less stressed, and the kids even behave better because I’m not on edge.
    Meal planning is a terrific idea, I’m working on that myself for this week! Have a great one!

  4. Good luck with the family fitness. I think that’s such an important modeling and bonding time!

  5. Good luck getting your house in order, I feel like i’m always trying to do that!! The lego store sounds fun!!

  6. Love your plan – keep your eyes on the prize.

  7. Good luck with everything, especially the time for yourself. That is a big luxury!

  8. Your goals are lofty. I hope you meet them. How are you planning it all out?

  9. Good luck with everything! It sounds like you have a solid plan!

  10. Your plan is great, sounds like mine for the week, especially the water!

  11. those are great goals have a great weekend

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