Mamavation Monday

Another week down…. this is the start of our LAST WEEK of SUMMER!!!! Well for the younger two boys it is. We’ve had my parents for the last 2 weeks which is always fun. But it will be great to get back to our regular schedule. This past weekend I’ve gotten to have private time just Jakers and myself (my parents for a few days) but it was great to have that time to reconnect with him on another level. The other 2 were in for a special treat they got to go to Tnn and have a Special MENS weekend with his Dad and Pa. They went up to the Tennesse house and they were able to spend HOURS in the lake swimming and fishing and lots of fun.

There are pros and cons to being semi alone in the house I either A: mindless eat or B: forget to eat at all. So this week I am really trying to be mindful about my eating. It also doesn’t help that its been 100+ and I don’t really feel hungry then. So I am trying to make sure I get atleast my 3 meals in and make sure they are good filling meals. We are still working on eating as clean as possible. We are gluten Free for the most part I am 100% and David and the boys are more GF than eating Gluten its just easier that way. We are slowly taking things away and adding more and more real and fresh. We tried going Paleo but learned that it was too much too quickly with the boys so we are slowly introducing and removing items from their diet.

I really think it good for me to have these few days without David around because it gives me time to have me time and refocus and remember that I can do things on my own. Which is something I need to remember from time to time. But I also have to learn that its okay to step back and not handle EVERYTHING. Which Im taking a HUGE step by going to Fitcation12. It will be my first trip to the west coast and my first trip without the boys. Tickets are bought transportation arranged now just waiting for August to get here!!!!!

Goals for this week

  • Make sure I am drinking atleast 100oz of Water
  • Meet my Calorie Intake
  • work out 6 of 7 days minimum
  • Enjoy quality time with my Jakers
  • Menu Plan for next week including back to school lunches
  • Prepare for the 2 young boys to head back to school

Well that pretty much sums up my week… Until the next one 🙂

 This post is sponsored by Omron and hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway” at the bottom of your post

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11 thoughts on “Mamavation Monday

  1. I find that I’m dealing with much the same things,Meagan, including excitement and guilt already for heading to Fitcation (hi, roomie!) Great goals!

  2. I have the same issue when I am home alone with the kids. Good luck with the goals and getting back to your schedule

  3. It sounds like you had a nice weekend! Great goals for this week! 🙂

  4. It is SO important to remember we are awesome with or withOUT our men. 🙂 Glad you had some you time!

  5. mom27g

    Good luck on your goals and enjoy fitcation!!!

  6. Good luck with all your goals! Have fun at Fitcation 12!!

  7. Relearning to be alone and manage is so hard… I swear the ice cream calls to me. Best of luck with your goals this week. You can do it!

  8. Great goals for the week! I might have to copy a couple of them!! Have a blast at Fitcation!! I’ll be there next year! 🙂

  9. I agree that time alone can be good to refocus and put some me time in action. I never go without eating so I wished I can be there as it seems I’m always thinking of food. Good luck this week!

  10. Planning helps you stay on track! Good job noticing to be “mindful” of what you eat and when you eat! So proud of you!
    When does Summer break start out there if you’re already planning for the kids to return to school? Out here it was always after Labor day, so that just surprised me!

  11. Mindless eating is SUCH a hard thing to break. You do it because you don’t notice, so purposely trying to notice is not easy. Heck, even explaining it is hard! LOL

    Good luck to you!

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