A is for Autism

A is for Autism. It’s a word that is used a lot in the world. Some people believe its real some don’t. Some think it’s just the new “LABEL” like back a few years ago it was ADHD. Now I’m not saying that there isn’t some of that going on in the world but more often than not AUTISM is real. There is no look there is no blood test there is no cookie cutter situation that will describe what Autism is and how its going to work. The one thing I can not stress to you the most is if you’ve met a child with autism than guess what you’ve met a child with autism. EVERY single one of them is different. It weird because the symbol for Autism is a puzzle piece but really it should be a snowflake because they each autistic individual is different.

I have been blessed with 3 wonderful sons… Yup even though everyday I might not see it I know I am. But just looking at them in a picture you can’t tell which one is “special needs” they all look like happy lil gremlins at the Lazy 5 Ranch. But what you don’t see in this picture is that we took 3 adults you can see my sister-in-law, that cute little harness that Jakers is wearing is also tied to the railing so that he can’t jump over or climb or dive. But you also can’t hear the giggles from him when the animals come up to eat out of his bucket. You also don’t hear my eldest explaining EVERY SINGLE DETAIL about EVERY SINGLE ANIMAL that we come across. You can’t feel my anxiety before loading onto this horse-drawn wagon that too many people might get on, what am I gonna do if he has a meltdown halfway through this, because at this stage we were still NONVERBAL.. What if this happens or that. I’m telling you its crazy but what made it worth it all was the fact that it was an amazing trip with my boys. We made it and he learned and experienced new things and I know that I can do things. This was the end of same said trip, when he decided he was done.

Everyday I wake up and I don’t know what the day will bring, It could be a great day where things run smoothly then again it could be one of those off days where he needs to spend more time in “his world” than ours and that’s fine. Its hard never knowing whats gonna happen and the fear of whats to come. I can say I don’t have many real life friends we also don’t have many families that we can hang out with because most can’t understand what its like to have a special needs child. Im learning that it is okay and to be quite honest most of the time we prefer it just being us. I love the innocence that my youngest son has and the joy he can find in the simplest things and that he loves with his whole heart. Yes my son is Autistic and NO I don’t want to cure him I don’t want to fix him. He is who he is. My only wish for him is that he is happy and successful in his life in whatever he chooses to do. I love my SON I might not always love the autism but either way I love him and he is who he is….


Til we see what the letter B shall brings…..

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One thought on “A is for Autism

  1. You are an amazing mom. An amazing friend & I am so blessed to call you my friend. Love you & your three wonderful boys! xoxo.

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