So I had a post half way written… then I highlighted it and deleted it, because ugh it just wasn’t what I wanted to say or needed to but it did spring an idea that I am planning to do. My brain is soo CHAOTIC right now. I am going 100 miles per hour and not really getting anywhere. I’ve also decided that Im not going to focus on my scale for a little while. The numbers are really messing with my brain and I know the scale doesn’t define me. I am gonna work on my workouts because its the small changes that will add to big ones.

School is out for summer…. and now we go back to 2 different schedules. The big H will be in Middle School so he is back on traditional calendar. The 2 lil monsters are still in year round schedule. This should be interesting…. H has 2 camps this summer well technically 3 but one is only for like 2 days and its a middle school 101 type camp. But we are striving to keep reading levels up this summer and for J I am hoping to bring his levels up a few while he is out. My parents arrive next friday and will be with us on and off for 3 weeks. My Lexi and her boyfriend are also coming. I can’t wait for them to get here its always a blast with my Lexi.

J has had yet another med change. We have decided to work on one area at a time. Sleep is first we figured out he was EXTREMELY sleep deprived *well DUH* but we have decided its best to get him sleeping and see what he’s like after he’s slept. Well I think I prefer sleep deprived Jakers to be quite honest. Autism and ADHD and well Jakers have been on OVER DRIVE since he’s started sleeping the night. Which makes this Mommy VERY Sleep deprived… Because well lets face it my biggest fear is that something will happen while I am asleep. We’ve also been working on Jakers and Logan and different skills they might use in school together.

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13 thoughts on “CHAOTIC

  1. Here’s my two cents. I’ve done that before…been done with the scale. Tossed it. Told it I hated it, etc. What happened was, I wasn’t as diligent checking my weight to see my progress…in fact, I was kinda in a denial and backwards phase…I was lying to myself and ended up gaining weight. Then when I finally weighed myself I was like “holy shitballs…I’m a dumbass!…and I hate myself…why the fuck did I do that?”, etc. I just don’t want you do make the same mistakes I did. The scale has a good purpose. It helps us understand our progress…to an extent. You just have to leave it in the bathroom and only check it once per week. If you truly need to stop looking at it…I WANT YOU TO BE DILIGENT WITH A FOOD JOURNAL instead. If you can do that for me, I’ll stop my bitching. Because when I threw the scale away, I also was NOT food journaling…and hiding from my own eating disorder…yadda yadda yadda. I love you enough to tell you some truth.

  2. I love you, I needed to hear this… I know I have to focus on this I need to do this for me and for the family. But Im just soo stressed out right now that its just one less thing but in the long road its a huge thing. I just feel like I am running into a brick wall, and I know I haven’t been eating right, and I know I have to do better and I am glad I have you around to love me enough to tell me these things! Because you are my kick in the ass, and my mommy dearest! Tomorrow is a new day… A fresh week and a fresh beginning!

  3. I have been also reluctant to the scale, but once a week is healthy to see how we are doing. Good luck with the new schedules. Hugs

  4. Chaos adds so much stress! I hope you can overcome it and kick it into overdrive!

  5. First of all … I love you & you one awesome momma! Just thought you should be reminded of that πŸ™‚ I am so sorry about J’s med change & everything else going on. Remember, we are all here for you! Don’t get too down, use all of this frustration & kick some ass! Together we can kick some ass! Call me anytime if you need to vent. If I can’t answer my voicemail & email are always open πŸ™‚

  6. Understand exactly where you are coming from. For me measuring myself and trying on clothes to see how they fit is a good way to see how far you have come. The scale just leads to more frustration. Good luck with everything!

  7. So glad I’m not the only one with chaos, but sorry that it’s becoming overwhelming. Here’s to peace and a chaos free week!

  8. I hope you can find the balance you need. There is always so much going on at any given time in your life, I worry about you. Praying for schedules, routines and sanity πŸ™‚

  9. I understand the chaos. I have 2 boys, one with ADHD. Don’t beat yourself up – it will all come through with your hard work πŸ™‚

  10. Mad was sleep deprived before her meds that she was out of control. Is there anyway you can sleep when he is sleeping? maybe a baby monitor that has motion sensors? Hugs! that isn’t fun at all. and um, what Leah said πŸ™‚

  11. I’m a constant scale watcher but I have found that if I don’t, I gain. It’s a good check for me even though I have to keep myself from being obsessed with it. Having children with chronic conditions as to the weight of what is on our mind so I completely understand. I hope things settle down for you!

  12. I tossed my scale once and when I came back to it, I was devestated because the number didn’t go down like I thought it would… went up! I’ll just say DITTO to everything Leah said.

    It can’t be easy to lose weight and to bve as busy as you are. If anyone can do it, you can. I hope you find a happy place and are able to give some of your concentration to yourself too.

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