Happy Mothers Day!!

Well I think we should start things up with Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful types of Mothers out there…

I’ll begin with I’ve lost another 1.2lbs… Which now is 42lbs til my goal…. I know Leah hates the small numbers but right now I am working on one goal… and the little numbers will add up the bigger number I’ve lost quite a bit of weight this year with Mamavation and unfortunately gained alot of it back because I let life get the best of me. So to get be back on track (which is 42lbs I’ll be at my Mamavation Last Weigh in Weight) I am focusing on the little goals. I am sure this week I would have lost a little more weight but as I think I’ve told everyone in a 100mi radius that Joshua is home, and we had us a good ol’ southern country pig pickin’ last night…

It was the most amazing feeling seeing the car pull up and him step out a Marine! He called me on the way home and when his caller ID popped up, I couldn’t help but get all teary eyed and yeah I know you shouldn’t talk on your cell phone and drive but there is no way in hell I would have missed that call. So I’ve been like amazingly on cloud nine since then, we hung out he showed us all his stuff and OMG…. No offense to any of the branches in the military but OMFG Nothing looks better than a Marine in his Dress Blues. The boys were equally excited to have big brother back and have been hanging on his every word. I am so excited he’s got leave for a little while and fingers crossed he will be able to attend the boys Young Marine Graduation. He’s excited to torture train the boys in some PT. Yesterday morning he came by and wanted to play on the computer and it just felt so great to have all 4 boys in the house and talking and Im trying to savor every second because now he’s married to the Marine Corps and we know that at any moment he can receive a call and well I refuse to talk about that right now

Jakers had a developmental neuro appointment on thursday…. Well we ended up deciding to try out a small dosage of meds for a month and I will tailor his dosage a bit to figure out if this combo works for him he gets anywhere from a half or a pill to the max of 2 pills a day. We aren’t sure what dosage will work for him and even if this is the right meds so of course right now I am in Mommy Nurse Mode looking for any side effects and because the boys are so sensitive to meds I just never know what might happen.

C~Man Well lets just say he might be the middle child but boy does he ever figure out a way to claim him some attention. We are at the stage of battling with him because he doesn’t want to apply himself in school and he’s got the EOGs coming up this week. Its his first ever and really thinks its going to be a joke. He’s enjoying Young Marines and being outside I hate having to take activities away from him when his school work is suffering but right now not being able to ride a bike or play basketball seems to work a great deal to get his brain refocused!

Hunt is well he’s himself and has a path carved out. He is stressed to the max for his 5th grade EOGs, but excited that he has a really cool field trip coming up they are taking the AmTrak train up to Charlotte for the day. He also has his graduation and he’s excited for Middle School. He surprised us all decided to join the band. He is LOVING his Young Marine training.

As for me… I’ve been getting my workouts in and keeping an eye on my food and nutrition. I’ve been doing some extra yard work and what not with my in-laws around the property. I know that if I don’t workout Im just cheating myself, I also know that I can turn any activity into a little more of a workout. I can do squats and lunges etc and if I chose not to do them then I am only cheating myself and wont get the results that I deserve.

Well and with it being May 13th then we have to say Happy Birthday to Robert Pattinson (Yummy) and of course have a little bit of Eye Candy of him… You know it is also his special day too….

Goals for the week…..

  • Workout twice a day 6 days this week
  • Keeping up my Water Intake
  • Menu plan for the rest of the month
  • Try out a new recipe
  • Family Game night at least 1 night
  • Dance Party 1 night

This post is sponsored by Dole and hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway.

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19 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day!!

  1. monica young

    Thanks for the yummy pictures, now my attention is on something else than food… LOL
    Great that you are back on track. When I gained weight I felt that I needed to leave, instead of getting support to get back on track. Now I know I cannot do it alone

    • It is hard especially being a Mamavation Grad who had an amazing weightloss that I gained so much back that was so hard to admit. But I know hiding it wasnt helping I know what I need to do and luckily I have all you guys to help me stay motivated

  2. I love how you incorporated family time in your weekly goals. I really need to do that around here. 🙂 Have a good week.

    • Well this week will be easier because its EOG week so 2 of 3 won’t have any homework and they will need stress relief

  3. Love your posts! So where’s the pics of your son?! My hubs is Army, but I have to agree with you- The Marines have a beautiful dress uniform.
    Congrats on your loss! It’s a loss and I’d take it too! =) See ya around!!

    • You know I was so overwhelmed I didn’t hardly take pics I’ll have to go by there and snag the camera I know his mom was taking pics… I will scan his dress blues one its by far my fav!!!

  4. DOODE-
    Small losses ABSOLUTELY turn into LARGE losses,, it just times more time! You’re doing GREAT!

    • Yes they do, and I am so happy to see them….. I know my big number but Im focused on my goal right now and love watching it fall down

  5. I love your attitude! You’re doing great!

  6. Great goals! You can do this. 🙂

  7. I am so glad your Marine is home, at least for a little while. Congrats on the number this week!!

  8. Krissy Higgins

    You are a busy Mama! So glad to hear you got to see your Marine son! Nothing is better then a Marine in his blues, I agree! (my hubby was a marine).
    Turning your ‘chores’ into work out’s is great, because your killing 2 birds with 1 stone! Trust me, yard work can be more of a ‘work out’ then actually going to the gym, my 2 sore arms and sides can vouch for that!
    Good job on keeping up with the ‘good’ foods/nutrition too, that can be the hardest part sometimes!

  9. Enjoy your time with all your boys together! A dance party night sounds like fun!! Congrats on the weight loss 🙂

  10. you are always so positive this is why I love you! Also yummy yummy pictures!

  11. Sounds like you’re doing a great job overall. I just have to say, my middle child is the same way. Well, she is only 2, but I catch her doing things for attention sometimes, because that poor girl gets a little over shadowed by her sisters. Great goals for the week too!

  12. Not being from anywhere near the South, what’s a pig-pickin?
    The question aside, do keep your eye on the goal. It’s normal to waver but if you keep your focus you’ll get there! i’m proud of you… 42 lbs is quite an accomplishment, keep it up!

  13. mnmspecial

    Live the thought of not doing thinks just cheats ourselves. Glad you are making time for yourself. You have your hands full!

  14. Amanda

    Any loss is a good loss! You’re on your way to your goal and that’s great! Also, I enjoyed the eye candy/50 shades quote. 🙂

  15. So happy your Marine is home. And I’m very happy to hear the Jakers is so far doing well. I was wondering about his appointment. This last week was crazy busy, so I didn’t get to be on fb or twitter as much as I wanted to keep up.
    As for the tests the other 2 boys are getting ready to take….I have no motherly words of wisdom. We took ours in April, and they are just not fun! So good luck to them! I’m sure they will do great!
    Have a fabulous week!!! And Happy Belayed Mother’s Day to you!! Hope it was a wonderful day for you!

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