New Campaign….

Its been another week… I think it flew by fast this week, which means we are one week closer to summer time baby! This summer will be new for us because we will have 1 boy staying home longer because he is transitioning to Middle School and to a traditional calender so this is going to be extremely interesting. We have lots planned for this summer, they will go to some day camps, and we plan to do lots of camping we have access to a place a the lake with our little hang out group until November so I am totally freakin excited about spending lots of time there. My parents will come over for about a month. My Lexi will be coming down for a few days and the most awesomest part is going to Cali for Fitcation12 and meeting up and hanging out with some amazing family and friends!


Well I haven’t stepped on a scale yet or did my measurements but I will do that on Sunday for two reasons.. One because I haven’t done it in awhile because I really didn’t want to see the number, because I know I haven’t been doing all I should/could do, especially with being sick. But we have the awesome #2weekchallenge starting MONDAY!!!!! If you need a jump start or you are up for a challenge you should totally join in, its totally free and totally awesome… So far 671 pounds and 516 inches have been lost through 7 campaigns. Freakin’ AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Speaking about Mamavation We have a new Campaign starting up Monday… Have you taken a minute to go Vote??? these moms have totally been busting some major Bootay with their hazing and would love for you to take a second out of your busy schedule and cast a vote! Voting stays open til 10pm on Monday Night!!!!

This week I will be pulling single parent duty for the week, I don’t mind too much I do have my mother in law if I need something major which is a great back up. So today I sat down and made a menu for the week, and then went to the store because I do my best not to go to the store while David is gone mainly because I know its alot easier to get stuff I shouldn’t and hey then I wouldn’t have to share that bag of oreos, so we went today even stopped at subway and split a sub for lunch.


Goals for this week….

  • Make Sure Im hitting atleast 100 oz of water EVERYDAY
  • 10k steps EVERYDAY
  • Stick to my meal plan
  • Get a few good nights worth of sleep which could be a bit hard with David being gone.
  • Get in all 6 of my 2 week challenge workouts in
  • Do PT with the boys atleast 3 times

Well Until next week…..


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11 thoughts on “New Campaign….

  1. I’m the same way with checking in on the scale/measurements – it’s been a while since I’ve acquainted myself with the scale.
    I hope single parenting week is a smooth, easy to handle week! I have days where single parenting one is tough, I commend those who are able to single parent multiple, haha!

  2. You are an awesome Momma! I love summertime because of all the day camps and other programs available for kids! I visit three of the local libraries on a regular to attend all of their cool programs for daughter loves it! 🙂 Have a good week and thank you for all of your support.

  3. mnmspecial

    That’s funny that the school calendar wouldn’t stay the same. I hope that goes well.
    Hope you get some good rest in while D is away. Good luck with 2weekchallenge.
    See you at fitcation!

  4. Wow a place on the lake? I’m jealous!! I’m with you for the measurement thing, I’m so dreading it because I haven’t been on my best behavior lately. Ugh but the good thing is the challenge is here to whip our butts back into shape! Have a great week!

  5. Sounds like you have a great summer planned. We make a Summer To Do list each year and check it off as we go.

    Good luck this week and will see you in the 2weekchallenge.

  6. GREAT goals for next week!!

  7. You have great goals and I love your excitement! Good luck this week!

  8. Krissy higgins @Krissy_r

    Spending the summer on the lake? How AWESOME is that! I’m hoping to get some camping in with the kiddos too and give them some great memories like I had from when I was a kid!
    Great goals for the week! Have a great one!

  9. Wonderful goals! I know the sleep will be hard, but do your best. A rested mommy is a happy mommy!

  10. I’m totally jealous of your summer plans! You have great goals too 🙂 Have a great week!!

  11. You really have your goals mapped out for this week. And I know how tough it can be when the other parent is away and you have everything on your shoulders. I hope you have a great week and you are able to get some rest!

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