Spring has sprung…

Spring is here which means lots of things to do here at Carter Acres… Gardens to get ready,lots of grass to cut, deer to deal with and them darn rascally rabbits! Which means we spend alot of time outside which is good for me bc if I’m outside and busy I’m not ginna think about snacking nor am I going to have the kitchen calling my name.

This week has been pretty good except started out with Jakers not feeling good and ended with Char not feeling to great. Still working on decluttering the house, we seriously have so much stuff in this house and the way the house is built there is no inside storage, and I think the boys are beginning to transition from needing a playroom full of toys to needing less toys in there because despite my begging and pleading with them they are growing up 😦

The diet area is going slow we tried to just jump into paleo but that kinda bit me in the ass. I’m learning not to try and force things on the boys and David and letting them come to this on their own (yes I know Leah is like “duh, no shit sherlock I’ve been telling you this for forever”). When we cut soda he went to koolaid then last week he was like look I think we should cut the koolaid the kids and I are really getting so much sugar. I was like Hello Duh! In my mind so I am happy to report they are off koolaid and sugary drinks.

Workouts are going I’ve been doing hazing with the mamavation applicants and doing my Tae Bo video and I am going to attempt to start training for my mamavation 5k at the end of June 🙂 which is awesome that we are having the 5k because I could use some new shoes which ties in awesomely to our giveaway this week… I am very excited to see all the finalists tonight!!!!

“This post is sponsored by New Balance Shoes and hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway”

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14 thoughts on “Spring has sprung…

  1. mnmspecial

    Its been so long since I was an outside person because of my back, buy I’m starting to get echoed about being outside. I can only imaging the busyness you have going on. Btw what is the secret to keeping rabbits out of gardens?
    Good luck with food and workouts this week. I know you’ll rock it!

  2. I love being outside in my yard. If only my husband would buy me my swing – I’d spend all day out there! Good luck with the decluttering!

  3. I love getting outside and getting in the fresh air! And, since boredom is my #1 enemy when it comes to food. I tend to eat out of boredom, so getting out and getting busy is good stuff.

  4. I love being able to work outside in my yard. It is so soothing to me. Yay for your family and kicking koolaid. I know since I have been drinking more water, my children are falling in line with me. I have been doing the decluttering thing to. Even though we have only been in a house a little over two years, it is amazing what you can accumulate. 🙂

  5. Yay, for them coming around about the Koolaid and sugary drinks! I hope one day my dh will stop the soda too =P

  6. Amanda

    It’s great that they’re coming around. Seems like men really need to think these things are THEIR idea in order for them to work.

  7. Being outside is great! I love the nice weather. Maybe I should let my husband try to eat healthy on his own instead of forcing it on him… That’s great that they kicked the koolaid!

  8. YAY! Proud of David and the boys and their awesome momma! Glad they are off soda & kool aide! Great job on the workouts! Can’t wait to hear about your 5k!

  9. Glad that they kicked the koolaid! Does this mean when I can come to you for gardening advice? I knew you lived in a cabin, but I didn’t know that you had a green thumb 😉

  10. I love working outside it is one of my fav times spring! good luck this week with all your food and workouts!

  11. nichols0907

    You sound like a busy bee. Change takes time. It is true though you can’t force it on other people they have to do it themselves. Hope you have a great week.

  12. I was happy to hear about the beverage changes coming in your house!!

  13. We do mostly water and juice around here unless I make some sweet tea. But my husband works offshore and when he comes home, he gets soft drinks and throws everything off track. He is in perfect physical shape and doesn’t really *get* the whole HABIT thing that I would like to develop. I already don’t like sodas — if that is ALL I can get to, I’ll drink it if I’m just really thirsty (like when I was at the dealership last week and their stupid vending machine was OUT of Dasani!) but my weakness is definitely tea… which isn’t as bad as Kool Aid or soda, but still sugary.

    A 5K?! *faint* My sister called me yesterday talking about her trainer giving them three things to choose from working toward and a 5K was one of them. That intimidates me something fierce LOL! I would love to be able to … but it won’t be any time soon! LOL I think it’s an awesome goal though — one that is totally attainable for anyone with the right preparation. I can’t wait to hear how training goes… maybe you can inspire me to kick it up a notch and consider doing one as well! Hope everyone feels better in your house this week — good luck with your work outs 🙂

    Kat Robertson

  14. Good luck with the decluttering – It’s a huge goal of mine, and I’m sad to say I haven’t made much progress on that front!!

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