I escaped….

WoW its already time for another Mamavation Monday Post… It has been a crazy week but that is the norm for around here.

I spent a few days this week volunteering at the school. I really do enjoy doing that. I range from proctoring exams, making copies, tutoring, reading you know just whatever the teachers might need. I tend to do for my boys classes first but I am not opposed to helping in the other classes. We also are going to begin incorporating Logan into Jakers school day. I am very excited that the school is being so open about this part. So I will keep you posted on this part.

This week I plan to focus more on me and getting my schedule worked out. I have been struggling to get my workouts in and really haven’t been pushing as hard as I should or could. Since I am pulling single parent duty for this week I figure it will give me the time to focus on me and my boys.

Oh HUGE NEWS!!!! Last night David and I went out. We went over to our extended families house and had dinner and drank. It was so nice to get out and relax not have to stress over much of anything it was for a few hours. This is a weekly thing they do so we are hoping to get over there more often to join in. But I finally drank some wine and learned I enjoyed it. (I think we drank about 3 bottles between the 2 of us).

What would make you feel sexier?

For me it would be me becoming more comfortable in my own skin. I know that my husband loves me no matter what my size is. But I don’t like me at this size. So I think when I get more comfortable with me I will feel sexier. Also when I take the time to get dressed and put my makeup on it helps alot.

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8 thoughts on “I escaped….

  1. I know putting on makeup and fixing my hair helps me out a lot. I’m so glad you finally got a date night. You needed that. I expect your hubby to do it more often for your sanity!
    Wow, that is a lot of wine! I saw a really cool watering system using the bottles, wish I was recycling after you, hehe.
    I’m excited to see how Logan likes going to school with all the kids. Lucky dog 😉 hugs

  2. Yes! Putting on make up and getting dolled up sure does help! I don’t wear makeup on the daily so that is a special thing~ I love wine but rarely drink it! Its a happy drink 😛 haha! Have a great week!

  3. So glad you were able to get out and have some adult time without the kiddos! we all need that from time to time for sure!1

  4. I hear ya on putting on some make up and getting a sexy dress on. I’m not a big girl girl. I’m more comfortable in jeans and a shirt but when i do get dolled up it makes me feel sexy. I hope you have a good week. Glad you liked the wine. Shannon started me on trying cupcake moscato wine. Very tatsty and sweet.

  5. Amanda

    So glad you were able to get the opportunity to have some kid free time with your husband. Especially time that was obviously needed and well spent!

  6. Yay for having kid free time and just relaxing.

  7. Taking time to put on make up and getting dressed is huge for me! It’s one of the things I look forward to the most on a “date night” Yay for trying wine and liking it!!

  8. Eeeeee!! Congratulations on trying wine for the first time. And makeup is magical that way, isn’t it?

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