A New Journey….

Well today begins a new chapter in our lives. We seem to always have a new thing to over come and a new normal to find. But this journey is one that many families face. We have always had some military in our lives but this is the first time it has hit so close to home. As most of you know that follow me on Twitter or on Facebook. We have an “adopted” son Joshua. We have seen him come so far in the past few years and we are so proud of how he has turned his life around. But our Joshua joined the Marines about a year ago. We thought he’d ship out to Parris Island right after he graduated, but as any of you with Military Families know things never go as you think they will. Joshua was going down the wrong path when he turned 16 but one night I talked him into letting me give him a hair cut Im telling you guys he was like a Sheep Dog it was so bushy and wavy and totally gave the wrong impression of who he was. But I buzzed him and when he went to school the next day his teachers thought he was a new student, We picked on him so much for that. But it was about that time that he decided to fly right. It was also because he had 3 younger brothers here that looked up to him and he wanted to be the right role model for them. So he decided to do a special program and catch up and he actually went from being behind in his education to graduating early! *Insert Proud Mommy here*. Well the summer passed and the fall came, we were given a few more dates we thought for sure we wouldn’t have him for Christmas but we did 🙂 So then about 30 days ago he signed some papers, and thats when the reality of him leaving started to set in. Then 3 days ago he did it again and thats when it really got real. This morning…. I knew it was coming I really did but it didn’t make it any easier. We made sure he had addresses, all his papers, all his belongs nothing more nothing less. He was given death grip squeezes and hugs by 3 very sad yet proud lil brothers. I reminded him all I could and told him how proud we were and how much we loved him. I bit my lip so hard because I promised him I wouldn’t cry in front of him. I should have thought about it like his Dad did and wore sunglasses. It was such a powerful moment, You had Josh his Dad, and David and then you had his mom and I all standing there. We decided to say our good byes at home. Then we loaded him up. But one of the things he said to me will stick with me for the next 13 weeks.

“This will be the easiest goodbye you’ll know where I’ll be and that I am safe.”

We will ride down in a mere 13 weeks and see our baby graduate into a Man. Its been kinda quiet and somber around the house today. I think in the next few days it will really start to sink in.

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3 thoughts on “A New Journey….

  1. Hugs. I remember sending my husband off to boot camp, it was tearful, but he did great. Don’t send him any pictures in boot camp out they will give him hell. ❤ u

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