Charlito the Zebra


Charlito My Zebra

Lazy 5 Ranch 09

Charlito, My second born.. Who is most definitely playing his role of being the middle child.  Out of all my boys. He is the most like me. Which is more than likely why we butt heads CONSTANTLY. He is also my only normal undiagnosised child. So life with him is always a trip. I do believe he is destined to be an actor I will be shocked if he doesn’t take after a close family friend and do drama in high school and continue on. (I swear he is just like Vance Daniels). You can find him at any given time, singing, dancing, chatting you know Mister Social Butterfly.

He is a very head strong little man. He is my little con artist Im tellin you guys he could sell ice to an eskimo in an igloo in Alaska. Charlito loves to push buttons. He’s the only child I’ve seen that can go from talking to a child to talking to a senior citizen and never miss a beat. All the staff at the school have stories and every time they see him they say “Hey, Guess What” because that’s his catch phrase. The teachers always ask him when he raises his hand is this a question or a story. Either way it ends up a story.

My RockStar

I truly do Love him even if I have thoughts of being Homer Simpson and him being Bart He fits into his role and keeps a little extra spice in our daily lives. I can do things with him that I am unable to do with the other boys. Like on Christmas Eve I got bored and decided I wanted to see if we could curl his hair so I got out the curling iron and we tried (note for his future wife his hair doesn’t hold a curl). We are both very interested in paranormal fields. So for his birthday we went Ghost Hunting and met and hunted with Dustin Pari (you know from the SyFy show Ghost Hunters) and Demonologist John Zaffis on the NC Battleship. It was an awesome amazing experience. We captured EVPs and when Char was working with John he was touched and contacted by a sailor on the ship. When Char felt it we all heard My son My son thru the chop box. I know if my mother is reading this now she is having a bit of a cow. She doesn’t like messing around with this kind of stuff. But I wouldn’t be able to do this with my other boys. We share this passion and its a great bonding experience.

Char and Eclipse

I have to always remind myself that Charlito is my totally different than my other Zoo Children. He’s alot like I was and he is a very well rounded little boy. He loves with all his heart and would give you the shirt of

Brotherly Love Angry Bird StyleCheerleading @6 (Only boy on his squad they came in 2nd at State)

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5 thoughts on “Charlito the Zebra

  1. He sounds like he is destined for great things and a lot of fun to be around! You can tell by the pictures he is full of personality.

    Wow! I am always amazed by the ghost hunting. I have a friend that has always seen and heard ghosts in pretty much every house she’s ever lived in. She does the ghost hunting in Canada. Her stories always amaze and terrify me, but she seems to be fine with it. What a cool thing to do!

  2. I hope you got pictures of the hair curling for the future wife 🙂 I’ve really enjoyed getting to know your son today. It’s awesome to be able to bond with your kids like you do. You are a great mom.

  3. Wait, you guys went on a ghost hunt? With Dustin?? Awesome!! Your son sounds like a trip and it’s great you guys have such a great relationship!

  4. Amanda

    Sounds like an awesome kid…..and frankly it sounds like you’re an awesome Mom too.

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