Routines are Key…

Warning before you read this tweet… It’s very late, I’m trying to get Jakers to sleep I’m sitting in complete darkness listening to film scores on Pandora so if things start to get weird I’m also working on very little sleep…. But you guys love me anyways 🙂

I am slowly learning by trial and error that Routines are very important in life. But they are also crucial for living in a household that has autism running rampant through it. But with that said, in our situation the Routines change frequently because that particular one doesn’t work anymore then you have to find a new one that does. (with that being said if you’ve met one child with autism then you have met one child with autism, they are like snowflakes no two are alike). Also I am learning that it’s all the little things that matter the most. I mean it really does matter if you wash your body in a certain order, It honestly and truly matters what color the bowl is that you are serving the food that you hope he might take a few bites out of. But also just because it needed to be like that for 6 months or more the following day it might not matter, you never know but staying consistent to the best of your ability is the best practice.

But I am also learning that to keep his routines available to run smoothly along with Hunts and Char’s I really need to work on getting myself more organized. That is the key, I need to get more organized and my routine in place so that I am able to put theirs in place. But that is a lot easier said than done. technically I am a SAHM and yes all the boys are in school during the day. Which most people assume is “free time” but for me thats the time I have to get done things that are better to get done when you don’t have screamin’ kids in the back ground… trust me just ask Shelley she’s has heard the Zoo Chaos I live in. Also to help with our bills I work for my in-laws and that you know you never know what I’ll be doing, phone calls, typing, wood splitting, running errands.

I know I’ve been quite abit more negative and not as happy upbeat crazy self that I usually am. But autism has been running the house around here. The school system is giving us quite a bit of trouble and we don’t see eye to eye on things. Schedules have been all out of wack and of course add in the Holiday Season… But I am going to work on some things and I plan to be back to ME again. My goal this year is to find me and figure out me.

Love you all… and until next time…


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