Logan Saves The Day….

Typically I post my Logan stories on my other blog but I decided to just start posting them on this one, Im trying to get better about my blogging skills and efforts… But I have to tell you about an awesome job Logan did on Christmas Eve.

Well we had some unexpected guests who are also very unfamiliar with our daily lives and what you can and cant do and what to watch for etc you know our normal day to day. Well I had walked down to the coop because we were about to catch a Turkey for Christmas Dinner when I looked up and saw a Flash (it was Jakers) and before I can move I see and hear Logan charging down the hill to stop his boy he got a late start because they were trying to keep him they didn’t realized that Jakers had gotten out but let Logan go finally cus he was barking and trying to get out but Logan got to Jakers before I did and helped me get Jakers safely down to Ma and Pa’s house. Then got his treat for doing a great job…

Then I got to come back up to the house and explain to them what was going on and next time Logan acts like that to immediately let me do what ever it is that he is trying to do that he has a job and knows his job very well. I also figured out that Logan is very much a Schedule driven dog.. (I think he is developing ASD tendencies lol) he was all out of sorts when we had company over because the routine was different and of course with it being Christmas time Jakers is all out of sorts…

I do Love this dog so much and so thankful for all the little things that he has helped us be able to accomplish in our short time with him. Sometimes I take for granted that he is here with us and all the things he does but when he shines he shines.. Sometimes I just need to remember to take a step back and follow him he usually knows the way better than me.

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