Mamavation Monday

WoW another week has passed. We are official one week til Christmas and I have to admit I am ready for Christmas to come and go. Its been extremely hard to get into the Christmas spirit. We go through the motions for the kids but thats about it. I want to get and into the spirit but this year its from missing family. I miss my Nana terribly. She was the glue that held us together in my family. I miss Family in general really… We use to get together every christmas eve and have our family party and then again on Christmas Morning.. But even with David’s family we have all just gotten seperated from eachother really. We will walk down to his parents house on Christmas day. I think we might see my brother at some point over the holiday period. I am hoping Lexi will be able to come over. But other than that its just a regular day with presents. I think with Last year losing my Sister in law at Thanksgiving and we lost David’s brother John at Christmas 6 years ago which is still hard on us to this day. I have figured out it doesn’t matter if you know days, months or years in advance it hurts just as much to lose someone as it does if its unexpected… Tina and John have both taught us that.

But I can say I am so thankful for my new family that I have gotten so close with over this year. I don’t know what I’d do without you guys… I now can say my family is honestly spread out all across the world. I can not wait until later in 2012 when we all get to meet up at Fitcation 12. I know that I can just tweet out or text and I have support and a shoulder or ear to lean on or vent too. I have multiple people who are ready at a moments notice for a good butt kicking for me or heck I have a few who like to give out butt kicks even when they aren’t asked for not mentioning any names *cough* (Leah) *cough* I love you girls so much and you each have a special place in my heart and in my life.

If you can’t tell I am kinda not really into my weight loss right now and not a full focus I am trying to enjoy the holiday time with my family my goal like I said was to maintain or gain no more than 5lbs plus I am pretty sure that I am nearing a plateau I’ve lost 75lbs this year…. 65 as a Mamavation Mom… My next huge goal is by August I would love to see 200lbs… But I am not setting my sights on it Im still working on this 5lbs at a time and I know eventually I will get there… Here is my scale pic for this week….



What is my biggest accomplishment of the year??

Well I think most would say the weight loss that I have had this year, but really I think its been more of me opening up and reaching out for help and learning that its ok to be me and its ok that I have a crazy brain and I can open up and let people in my life. I would say that is my biggest accomplishment. I am slowly learning who Meagan is. For the longest time I never knew who I was. I was always someone else who ever someone else needed me to be. But I am learning me.

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12 thoughts on “Mamavation Monday

  1. Its funny how our grandparents become the glue. My grandfather was a Christmas eve baby. This is my first Christmas alone without family. It will just be the kids and I this year. We have always done a birthday party as a huge family and now they don’t even do a Christmas exchange.

    Hugs darling Sista. I’m always here for you. Even if you need me on Christmas Eve or Christmas day.

    You totally rocked that achievement of weight loss this year. I know you’ll do great things in the new year.

  2. It’s hard when traditions change, but you have to make new ones eventually. I am just now accepting this truth 2 years after things began to change in my family too.

    Congrats on the weight loss!! Losing 5lbs at a time is great though, it may take a little longer but you know you are losing it the right way and you wont immediately gain it all back like these dumb fad diets do to people.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. You did incredible well – I am really proud of you – I hope to see you continue slimming down – Love the transformations

  4. I’m SO proud of you and all you’ve accomplished this year. Enjoy getting to know yourself – it’s a great adventure.

  5. Hugs, Christmas can be a rough time of year. I am so thankful to have gotten the chance to get to know you 🙂 You are an amazing and inspiring woman!

  6. Thanks Megan for stopping by.

    It is a nice thing just to try and enjoy the Holidays, it is easy to carried away. Congrats on all your weight loss, that is wondeful.

    I also love that you are setting smaller goals at a time. I find looking at my total weight loss to be totally overwhelming.

  7. Marie nichols

    You are doing a great job. It’s people like you that gives me hope that everyone can lose weight if we all just stick to it. Alot of people give up easily. I understand how holidays can be a downer when you’ve lost people but just keep looking ahead and cherish the time you have with people that are still here. I lost my mom a long time ago so christmas and holidays especially mother’s day is pretty sad when i think of her. Hope you have a good xmas. 🙂

  8. LOVE YOU! I can not wait to give you a bog ol “not so squishy” hug at Fitcation 12!!!

  9. Isn’t it amazing to not only learn about yourself and discover YOU but to be able to share that with friends all over the world? I think you are so wonderful and I absolutely know I am not alone.

  10. I am so proud of you! You are an inspiration to all of us, so you’re having an “off-period”, we all have those. Keep your head up girl, your Nana is looking down on you. And we’re all pulling for you too! Have an excellent holiday!

  11. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! You did incredible. I’m in awe really. Keep inspiring. I can’t wait to see what you do in 2012.

  12. I feel the same about my family and my grandmother. She was the glue who held my paternal family together and since living far from my family, holidays are not the same. You have great accomplishments and I hope 2012 continues to be great for you!

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