I was recently sent a ClipE to try out and it was offered to me at an awesome time because I was just starting to train to run a 5K and lets face it we all live with earbuds in our ears now adays. Well ClipE is an awesome accesory and a must for runners.

The design (which they have 9 styles) is so simple and easy that my kids were able to use it and even my father in law loved using it while he was on the riding mower so he could listen to his ipod, he loved that his cord was dangling anymore and falling out when he brushed up against them.


I used it in my run/walks and loved that I could change where it was clipped to with one hand and where it was clipped and I didn’t even have to stop and untangle the cords.

You can find this wonderful group here:

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You can order these awesome ClipE’s on

They would be awesome stocking stuffers and have a multitude of uses for any age 🙂


Disclaimer – I received the ClipE to use and review.  No additional compensation was received and the opinions stated herein are 100% my own.



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