Diabetes and I……

This weeks Mamavation Monday show is about Diabetes and that holds a very unquie spot in my life and I felt this was a great time to share it….


How has Type II diabetes affected your life?
Well first off most of you might not remember but right before I became a Mamavation Mom I had a wake up call…. Well I was EXTREMELY close to becoming a Diabetic at that time I was 7 points away my second test showed 2 points away. That scared me more than anything, So I reached out to the Sistahood and Greta started challenging me for 10lbs in a month (which is also what the doctors wanted but I looked at it as 5lbs twice). So that was the beginning of my weight loss… With that I was actually able to start off my rein as a Mamavation Mom 11lbs lighter than my wake up call weight. But this really doesn’t explain why this scared me so much does it? Well..

My mother was diagnosed with Diabetes when I was about 8 years old (give or take a few years) I decided that I needed to know everything I could about it at the time. I watched the video they gave her a hundred times atleast, rode to the library and read books (weirdly the same reaction I had when my kids here dx’d with autism I jumped in head first) Well at my age of 8 I could give insulin shots, knew how much she needed and when she needed it, I knew how to prick her finger, and test it I knew what the readings should be. I knew the signs and symptoms of low and high blood sugar and what to do for each. Looking back I don’t remember us changing our eating patterns which could be part of the reason her diabetes never changed. Well one scary afternoon we were at the beach on our vacation, The whole family was there. I went up to wake my mom up from her nap, I was screaming at her and she wouldn’t wake up my uncle ran up and ended up lifting my mom up and taking her outside we got some juice in her and he was threatening to throw her off the balcony if she didn’t wake up (Not sure how that would help but hey..) That was my wake up call that my mom was busier doing everything else and wasn’t taking care of herself…. (Which is a common trait for all moms) Well fast forward a few years later my Nana (grandma) died which sent us all in a whirl spin of life. My mom stopped treating her diabetes (I would sneak and give her insulin when she slept) Well then she ended up stepping on a piece of glass, and it got abscessed in her foot. We moved to Netherlands and she ended up in the hospital and her diabetes was majorly out of control, the infection was horrid (Seriously 11 years later I can still remember the smell from the infection and rotting flesh). She was hospitalized for 6 1/2 weeks then it took a few more months before we could get her up and walking around really… Well in the few years after that her diabetes ended up requiring 2 toes being amputated and as for now that she is finally on a healthy eating plan with a nutrition, and medications things seem to be going well for her, and I hope  that it continues to go well for her…

So that is how Diabetes has played a major role in my life and why I have been working my ass off and I am proud to say with the tools and help I’ve received from Mamavation I am now is a NORMAL HEALTHY RANGE and feeling AWESOME!!!

This post is sponsored by Better’n Eggs and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women

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5 thoughts on “Diabetes and I……

  1. Scary. My grandfather lost a toe. He thought it was funny, but my sister talked about the smell. I was married and gone then. Now he is gone & I remember all the candy & ice cream we ate with him. His sugars trading in the 600s. I never want that craziness.

    Great motivation story sweetie!

  2. Isn’t it scary? I know at least one person who has ended up in the hospital so many times because he refuses to properly care for his diabetes. It’s going to end up killing him. The last I heard, he’s on the transplant list waiting for a liver. Big hugs to my wifey for being all kick ass and diving head first into taking care of herself and her family.

  3. Thank you for sharing with us. Your success shows that many close to the diagnosis can take action.

  4. Marie Nichols

    Living with Diabetes is scary. I personally know that as i have it. My mother died from it and i don’t want to go down that path. That’s why i am changing my life to be healthy and fit. Gotta stick around to meet my grandkids. 🙂 Have a great week Megan Keep up the good work.

  5. Megan, I am so proud of you for taking the bull by the horns. Diabetes complications are scary, nothing that any child should have to deal with. ((hugs))

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