Multitasking = Injury

It’s Monday again another week has gone by. Weight has been lost, lessons have been learned.


So I’m at 37 lbs total loss the 50 lb is getting more visible I would love to see it before 10/10 but if I don’t that is ok because I will hit it shortly after.

Wednesday I was multitasking and ended up falling down the stairs out front of the house. My ankle isn’t so pretty but I finally decided to get it double checked by the ortho so that’s where I head on Tuesday


I’ve been modifying workouts but staying active. This week is going to be interesting to stay on track with having the boys home for their intercession so it’s gonna be quite a new week thus week.

We did get some exciting news this week that we are getting a new addition to the #mamavation family little butterchurn boo we are so excited and happy for Leah and Mark 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Multitasking = Injury

  1. Great job 37 lbs is a lot!!!! You will hit 50 in no time! I hope that they are able to get your ankle issue fixed soon. Good luck Tuesday! ((hugs))

  2. That is awesome! (The 37 pounds… not the ankle.) Hope everything goes well tomorrow!

  3. Take care of that ankle! Looks like you get a mandatory rest day. I’d say you earned it the hard way.

  4. Oh no! No more multitasking & crocs!
    You are kicking butt with your weight loss! Even in this kill you are rocking that scale.
    Big hugs, swift recovery.

  5. OUCH on the ankle! Hope it’s better soon!
    Awesome JOB on the 37 pounds! That’s awesome! Can’t wait till I can say I’ve lost my first 5!
    And CRACKING UP on the little butterchurn baby! Good luck on Tuesday!

  6. Dude, how much did you lose this week? I can’t keep up with you! You’re take Crocs up on their coupon offer and get a new pair of fabulous shoes..hehe. Let me know what they say about your ankle!

  7. Sorry that you had an injury i hope you feel better.

  8. Hope your ankle feels better soon!!! Your weight loss is so inspirational. Thank you for being willing to share it with all of us.

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