Round and round we go….

Monday again already… Another week down and very excited to see all the couples who are applying for Mamavation Mom Campaign 10.

So we are down another pound.. 35 lbs down which is awesome I would love to hit 50 before the start of campaign 10 but I know I’ll hit it soon.

This is the last week my boys have school then they are off for intersession and will head back to school on the first day of campaign 10 which is good for me because I will be able to start off strong for the new campaign.

My nutrition is going very well I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of it all which is a very awesome feeling. My body is also very aware of portion sizes which has always been where I falter. We still are working on introducing more new veggies and fruits into the families diet.

Working Out is very interesting I’ve been trying to add David into my workouts which is challenging I get easily frustrated because the man can’t do a jump squat to save his life. After our first workout David told me “you are so the product of bookieboo (Leah) and @Gruntstyle (Daniel)”. I laughed and had to tweet it. I am very much the product of mamavation and I’m good with that 🙂

Clothing is becoming a huge issue with me now. Most of my clothes are too big so I ended up grabbing a few more pairs of yoga pants and capris to get me through. But on the other hand so many others are noticing the changes in me especially when I wear clothes that fit. Yesterday was September 11th so I felt it was only fitting to rock my GruntStyle shirt to church, Woah buddy did that shirt get some responses major ego boost buddy.


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6 thoughts on “Round and round we go….

  1. You look awesome!! Such an inspiration! Keep at it and you’ll hit your goal in no time.

  2. Wow you should be so proud of you! I read your twitter comments and know how busy you are, the fact that you take time to tend to yourself is a huge accomplishment!

    Great picture! Keep on it, you are rocking!

  3. Wow! Hotness!! Super excited for everything you have done. You’ve working hard & I hope I can do you justice by pushing with you. Luv you hun!

  4. Laura

    Hawt dayum!

    I’m so freaking proud of you, Megan. You are totally, completely and utterly straight up kicking some serious azz!

  5. You look amazing!!! Awesome job, keep up the hard work and you will hit 50 lbs in no time.

  6. I am so proud of you! 35 lbs is HUGE!!! You are looking great!!

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