Ticket for One


Well this is my first week as mamavation mom in-between campaigns. Its strange I didn’t think it would be or feel different than any other of the 7 weeks before but knowing your “all alone” really is different. I will give huge thanks to all the Sistahood for reaching out and supporting me and checking on me this week. It really is appreciated.

My nutrition has stayed the same which is a huge goal for me to keep up and making sure my liquid intake stays up as well. I have decreased the # of workouts, I am doing 1 intense workout and any challenges that the beloved drill sergeant gives out. But I was a little worried I’d hit a wall or burn out and I want to really bring it next campaign.

I will have to upload my weight loss pic in a few I’m trying a new app for wordpress and can’t figure out how to upload pics but my weight loss has stayed the same which is okay for this week I’d like to see a – next week

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13 thoughts on “Ticket for One

  1. I think you are VERY wise for giving yourself a recovery period to re-charge your batteries for the next campaign. I call these an active recovery period and I take about a month like this after every big race. Stay active, but I don’t exercise at the same intensity… Great plan! Have a fantastic week!

    PS – Which app are you trying out?

  2. You did an unbelievable job! Congrats on your campaign. I will be honest, it was your vlog that you exercised in that got me to pledge for the Sistahood in the first place. It was motivating! So thank you for that!!

  3. You’re never alone, hun! We will always be here for you! HUGS!

  4. You are not alone and we are all here thinking about you and supporting you. Keep it up!

  5. I’m so glad you’ve been able to keep up with the nutrition side of things, you’re doing an awesome job!
    Good luck with seeing a decrease on the that scale this next week, I know you’ve got this!

  6. Hugs, just know that you aren’t alone. Is your hubby following the nutrition plan too? It is great to hear that you are maintaining. You will rock campaign 10!

  7. Monica Young

    So proud of you. You have all our support. Keep doing what you have been doing and the results are going to be great for you and very inspitational for us.

  8. omgosh I just realized Edward and Jacob weren’t staring back at me! Big hugs for coming back and sticking with the next campaign. You can do it and you are never alone 🙂

  9. Congratulations, first and foremost, and second, you’re not alone! You have a HUGE support team, and now you know what you’re doing, right? Right. Have an amazing week!

  10. I’ll take maintaining over gaining any week. Good work Megan on your first week not so “alone”. 🙂

  11. You go, Girl! Look at those pounds – just flying off!! So proud of you

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