If you’ve met one child with autism….

then guess what….

You’ve met one child with autism….

One of the things I struggle with the most in my parenting of special needs kids is that people think they know alot more than they do about special needs children in general not just Autism. I am a mother of 3 boys. 2 boys are autistic and 1 is typical (or so they tell me). But my oldest and my youngest are both autistic and both very much opposite in so many ways. Alot of my friends have children with special needs not because lets face it we are drawn to each other with that special connection. We understand the short oh crap bye ending to phone conversations, we understand the need to have someone there to rant about.

Autism affects every child different, Every child is extremely different. That is also why its great to have friends who share similar issues because you can bounce ideas off each other. Each person learns different, plays differently, its really a puzzle and you have to figure out what pieces link together at that moment because it can change.

For example my oldest. Is the quiet one he doesn’t have much use for people he prefers animals. He doesn’t like to play, he doesn’t like fruit except for apples, not apple sauce, apple butter, fried or baked. Just apples. He loves technology and loves learning he only like nonfiction books except for a few very select authors. He loves his collections he has very defined friendships. He loves routines and doesn’t quite understand joking around and doesn’t really like it. He is also the easiest when it comes to discipline, you can look at him and he gets it. He enjoys being alone but in the house with people. He has major anxiety about everything and fears a bit

But then you have my youngest, he is quite the opposite he is loud and busy. He prefers what ever he prefers at the moment he tends change thinks up very quickly around this household. He loves to play and be active and is GO GO GO always. He doesn’t like solid foods he prefers semisolid. He will eat all kinds or fruits he just needs help in the actual act of eating. He loves everything really he is happy with a box or his ipad. He struggles with reading and writing and with speech. He has a service dog and they have a special bond. He loves tv he loves movement and jumping and any sensory seeking opportunity available to him. He loves to cuddle and give kisses on his own terms. He also is the one that gives me heart attacks because he has NO FEAR. He runs and can be quite challenging to work with.

Now my middle man he’s a totally different child. He is my social butterfly. He is a drama queen seriously but thats him. He loves music, movies, tv, sports, history. He is into everything. He is also the one I butt heads with the most. He is the one that wants the world and doesn’t want to settle for anything less. He is a great eater (sometimes a little too good). He is well known anywhere he goes. He can have conversations with anyone no matter their age. He is very good at manipulating situations so that he can get the best out of it.

I figure when they get older and get along better. Im screwed…. It will be the middle one’s idea to sneak out, the oldest will formulate the plan and the youngest will run interference.

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