A Whole New Me…

Well I’ve decided to move over to WordPress from Blogger because I have gotten use to wordpress after all my Mamavation Blogging… Well I have decided I really enjoy blogging so I am going to give it a shot to blog alot more than I was in the past. I think it will be a great therapy tool and fun thing to do.

I’m starting to figure out that there is a whole new me inside my body. I’ve always been so many different people all wrapped up into one. I was whoever I was needed to be. But now that I have spent sometime taking care of me with the help of www.Mamavation.com I’m figuring out who I am. Im opening up a lot more, Seriously I went from NO ONE knowing what I looked like to posting pictures of me in workout clothes and weekly vlogs. I mean hello if that isn’t change I just don’t know what is. A few friends of mine I met through www.signingtime.com used to joke and call me Jiminy Cricket because I never had any pictures of me on the computer.

I am planning on keeping this blog alot more active than the last one, So get ready blogging world you’ve got a new crazy girl intown…

Off to tame the zoo now…

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One thought on “A Whole New Me…

  1. Love WordPress! Yay for a new blog, I look forward to hearing about your life’s adventures!

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